From a boysband to Eurovision? Discover Kuba Szmajkowski from Poland and his new single “Lovesick”! [ENG]

Kuba Szmajkowski is young and very talented singer on the Polish pop scene. He is finalist of The Voice Kids. Several years he was one of the members of the boysband 4Dreamers. In 2021, he released his first single Nieskończone. Now he is singing at national preselections for Eurovision 2022. The song Lovesick has a modern club vibe. Will he bring down the house?

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Lovesick is Kuba’s second single, but that’s the first one in English. Patryk Kumór and Dominic Buczkowski-Wojtaszek, who have already won 2 victories in Eurovision Junior, appear among the authors of the song. Apart from them, the Swedish creators of Lovesick are also mentioned.

Together with my Swedish-Polish team, we worked on “Lovesick”. It was a very creative job and I am glad that I participated in the creation process. The song is about a tough relationship that hurts us a lot, but at the same time we can’t give it up. “Lovesick” means sick of love. When it comes to inspirations, I can confidently say that these were my own life experiences.

Kuba Szmajkowski

Kuba Szmajkowski admits that he is a fan of the Eurovision Song Contest, and participation in this year’s national preselections is a pleasant surprise for him. The young singer announces a special show during the final of the competition, which will take place on February 19, 2022 on TVP2.

In 2021 Kuba released his debut solo single Nieskończone. He had many television appearances. He was singing at Sylwester Marzeń in Zakopane. His performance with Maja Hyży in the song Cold heart on youtube was viewed over a million times during one month.

On Thursday, January 27 at: 21 UK 22 PL on Radio PRL (Polish Radio London) will be a special edition of the Marcin Śpiewa z Gwiazdami program: Polish Eurovision. Marcin Wolniak’s guests will be: Kuba Szmajkowski, Daria, Ochman, Lanberry, Karolina Lizer and Karolina Stanisławczyk. Don’t miss it!

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